Creative Kaiseki course meal to experience Yufuin


Listen to the seasons and feel the food ingredients. We let the fresh cuisine amaze you.
The hot springs in the nature of Yufuin comes with special rhythms- the rhythm of the farms, the four seasons, and the food ingredients. Let’s listen to these rhythms and get to know the “wishes” of the food ingredients; let them be what they want to be. And, this is the cuisine of Kosumosu.

Soan Kosumosu’s standard

Good to health, great to taste, never fading in our guests’ memories

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Dishes with heartfelt thoughts…

“Customer first”- we aim to provide customer-oriented services. We are honoured to provide unforgettable tasting sensations for our guests.

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Homemade rice

Soan Kosumosu serves homemade rice only- quality Yufuin rice inculcated with effort and with heart.

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Yufuin’s vegetables

Aiming to serve seasonal dishes with local ingredients, our vegetables are all grown by our contracted farmers and delivered to our hotel every day in the morning for the utmost freshness and quality.

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Quality Bungo beef

"Oita Bungo beef" refer to the “domestic Japanese black hair wagyu” under 36 months of age, raised in the blessed nature of Oita, and ranked 2 or higher. It is the best of the national best in terms of "bloodline" and "quality" in Japan. The meat is artistically marbled, rich in flavour, with a mouth melting sensation.

About Oita Bungo Beef